Lifestyle at Tamarisk NorthShore

Keep learning, exploring, and making new friends.

Expand your independence! With worries of household chores and daily tasks in the rearview mirror, you can embrace your newfound freedom in exciting ways. You’re part of a community filled with thinkers and doers. It makes for an unhurried lifestyle with just the right touch of excitement and inspiration. You’ll feel welcomed at Tamarisk NorthShore.

You’ll feel valued. You’ll feel at home.



"The staff here is exceptional, every single one of them. They’re so quick to respond to whatever I need. I can tell they really care. I really feel like we are all one community.”

Resident's Son

Content & Happy

“I told her…mom think about what you are giving up (maintenance, large home, shoveling snow, living alone) and what you are getting at Tamarisk (indoor parking, lots of great people around, activities, no cooking, feeling of security). What a difference!”


Absoutley Wonderful

“Thank you for arranging such a charming book club dinner for us Monday night. We got a chance to discuss the book in smaller groups and to hear the author share her background and insights. Most enjoyable!”

Life Enrichment

This is how retirement should be: interesting, fun, and full of wonderful surprises.

At Tamarisk NorthShore, you can attend a history lecture. Join the group for an outing to the Chicago Botanic Garden or The Art Institute of Chicago. Stream an online course. Discover your inner Picasso. Or just relax and enjoy knowing it’s all here waiting for you—more ways to thrive, socialize, and live your best life.

We offer something for everyone, you choose!
Here a just a few options…

Lifelong learning programs, series, and classes

Live musical performances and fireside concerts

Book clubs and book author events

Family gatherings and social hours

Theater club and live theatre outings

World event discussions and programs

Philanthropic events and volunteer opportunities

Neighborhood parties

Outings to museums, galleries, attractions, and restaurants

Cards, games & trivia

Religious gatherings and celebrations

Art instruction

Volunteering: Giving Back Feels Great!

Tamarisk NorthShore residents are a caring bunch; quick to lend a hand and share their talents and wisdom. As a resident, you can continue your ongoing community service effort or join in new projects. There’s always a place for someone who wants to make a difference. Bring your ideas and your imagination: giving back will bring you twice the rewards.



Tamarisk NorthShore is an ideal place to begin a fitness regimen or bump up the one you’ve started. All included in your monthly fee: classes, access to strength-building equipment, instruction in relaxation, stability, and balance, and so much more make it easier to stay on the path of healthy aging and longevity.

Whether you’re dancing to oldies in Zumba, working out with free weights, or joining chair yoga, there’s something for you in Tamarisk NorthShore’s Fitness Center. And while you’re exercising, enjoy the view of the lovely South Terrace.


Chair dancing

Chair yoga/mat yoga

Men’s strength

Move, Groove and Drum

Otago Healthy Movement


Power Walkers

Some Like a Stroll walking club

Strength and alignment

Tai Chi

Water movement

Indoor Swimming, Year-Round Fun

Regardless of the weather, our indoor heated pool is a refreshing respite every day of the year. Natural light filtering in through oversized windows…a scenic view overlooking the North Terrace…the soothing quiet of an early morning swim…or an invigorating water movement class or game of water volleyball. How about inviting your family over for a pool party?


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There are other retirement communities. But there’s only one Tamarisk NorthShore: your unique choice for independent living in Deerfield, Illinois.

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