Notice of Privacy Practices

Effective January 22, 2014  |  Revised: January 15, 2018

CJE SeniorLife must notify you of your Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rights. CJE SeniorLife is a hybrid entity. Not all of CJE SeniorLife is covered by HIPAA, only the services listed as “HIPAA Covered Services” on the CJE Website are covered by HIPAA. (See the list of HIPAA Covered Services) This Notice only applies to clients served by those covered services. This Notice does not affect your eligibility for CJE services.


Purpose of This Notice

This notice tells you about how we use and disclose your medical information. It tells you about your rights and our responsibilities to protect the privacy of your medical information. It also tells you how to complain to us, or the government if you believe that we have violated any of your rights or any of our responsibilities.

We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your medical information and to notify you following a breach of unsecured medical information. We must provide you with a copy of this notice and get your written acknowledgement of its receipt. We must follow the terms of this notice that are currently in effect.

We will tell you if we change this notice. A copy of the revised notice will be available upon request or posted at our location or on our Website We may change our practices and those changes may apply to medical information we already have about you as well as any new information.

This notice will be given to you on the date that you first receive medical products or treatment from CJE SeniorLife. In an emergency, we will give you the notice as soon as possible after the emergency treatment has been given.

Other Use and Disclosures of Your Medical Information

Fund-raising – The name and address of your relative, and/or your name and address and the dates you received treatment or services may be added to a mailing list of clients in order to invite you to a fund-raising event or to send you a newsletter. If you do not want to receive these communications, please notify, in writing, the Development Office, CJE SeniorLife, 3003 W. Touhy, Chicago, IL 60645.

Health Related Benefits and Services – We may use and disclose medical information about you to contact you about other health care benefits or services that may interest you. If you do not want to receive these communications, please notify the Designee in writing.

Individuals Involved in Your Care – We may disclose medical information about you to a family member, other relative, close friend or any other person identified by you if they are involved in your care or payments related to your care. We may also use or disclose medical information about you to notify those persons of your location, general condition or death. If you are admitted to a hospital from one of our sites, we may disclose only the name of the hospital. If there is a family member, other relative or close friend to whom you do not want us to disclose medical information about you, please notify the Designee in writing.

NOTE: The following common uses and disclosures apply to facility based services only.

Use or Disclosures That Are Required or Permitted by Law

Disaster Relief – We may use or disclose medical information about you to assist in disaster relief efforts. This will be done to notify family members or others of your location, general condition or death in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Required by Law – We may use or disclose medical information about you when we are required to do so by law.

Communicable Diseases – We may disclose your medical information to a person who may have been exposed to an infectious disease or who is at risk of spreading the disease or condition.

Public Health Activities – We may disclose medical information about you for public health activities to prevent or control disease.

Victims of Abuse, Neglect or Domestic Violence – We may disclose medical information about you to a government agency if we believe you are the victim of abuse, neglect or domestic violence.

Health Oversight Activities – We may disclose medical information about you to a health oversight agency.

Food and Drug Administration – We may disclose medical information about you to monitor drugs or devices controlled by the Food and Drug Administration.

Legal Activities – We may disclose medical information about you in response to a court proceeding. We may also disclose medical information about you in response to a subpoena or other legal process.

Disclosures for Law Enforcement Purposes – We may disclose information about you to law enforcement officials for law enforcement purposes:

  • As required by law.
  • In response to a court order or other legal proceeding.
  • To identify or locate a suspect, fugitive, material witness or missing person.
  • When individual rights and community rights are in conflict.
  • When information is requested about an actual or suspected victim of a crime.
  • To report a death as a result of possible criminal conduct.
  • About crimes that occur on our premises.
  • To report a crime in emergency circumstances.

Funeral Directors, Coroners and Medical Examiners – We may disclose medical information about you as necessary to allow these individuals to carry out their responsibilities.

Organ Donation – We may disclose medical information about you to organ procurement organizations if you are an organ donor.

Workers’ Compensation – We may disclose medical information about you to comply with workers’ compensation laws that provide benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses.

Public Health or Safety – We may use or disclose medical information about you if we believe it is necessary to prevent a threat to the health or safety of a person or the general public.

Military – If you are a member of the Armed Forces, we may use and disclose medical information about you to your military command.

National Security and Intelligence – We may disclose medical information about you to authorized federal officials for national security and intelligence activities.

Security Clearance – We may use medical information about you for a required security clearance.

Inmates – We may disclose medical information about you to a correctional institution or law enforcement official who has custody of you.

Research – We may disclose your medical information to researchers under certain limited circumstances.

Uses or Disclosures That Require Your Authorization

We must obtain your written authorization for most uses and disclosures of psychotherapy notes, uses and disclosure of medical information for marketing purposes and disclosures that constitute the sale of medical information. Other uses and disclosures will be made only with your written authorization. You may cancel an authorization at any time by notifying the Designee in writing of your desire to cancel it. If you cancel an authorization it will not have any affect on information that we have already disclosed. Examples of uses or disclosures that may require your written authorization include the following:

  • A request to provide certain medical information to a drug company for marketing purposes.
  • A request to provide your medical information to an attorney for use in a civil law suit.

Your Rights

The information contained in your health or medical record is the physical property of CJE SeniorLife. The information in it belongs to you. You have the following rights:

Right to Request Restrictions – You have the right to ask us not to use or disclose your medical information for a particular reason related to treatment, payment or our operations. In addition, if you pay for a particular service in full, out-of-pocket, on the date of service, you may ask us not to disclose any related medical information to your health plan for payment or health care operations purposes. You may ask that family members or other individuals not be informed of specific medical information. That request must be made in writing to the Designee. We do not have to agree to your request. If we agree to your request, we must keep the agreement, except in the case of a medical emergency. Either you or CJE SeniorLife can stop a restriction at any time.

Right to Receive Confidential Communications – You have the right to ask that we communicate with you in a certain manner or at a certain place. If you want to request confidential communications the request must be made in writing to the Designee. We must agree to your request if it is reasonable.


You have the right to complain to us and to the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services if you believe we have violated your privacy rights. There is no risk in filing a complaint.

For questions and information or to file a complaint with us, contact by phone or by mail the appropriate Designee at one of the following locations:

CJE Privacy Officer
3003 W. Touhy Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645
Tel 773.508.1000

To file a complaint with the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services send your complaint to him or her in care of:

Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
233 N Michigan Avenue, Ste. 240
Chicago, IL 60601
FAX: .202.619.3818
Customer Response Center (800) 368-1019
TTD : .800.537.7697

Questions and Information
If you have any questions or want more information about this Notice of Privacy Practices, please contact:

Privacy Officer, CJE SeniorLife, 3003 W. Touhy Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645. Telephone 773.508.1000.

Effective: April 14, 2003. Revised: January 1, 2005, February 13, 2008, July 16, 2008, January 22, 2014, January 15, 2018

Information Collection Privacy Policy


Purpose of This Notice

CJE SeniorLife recognizes the importance of privacy to visitors of our website. To learn more about what type of information is collected from you when you visit our website and how that information may be used, please read the following privacy policy.

Gathering of Information

CJE SeniorLife collects personally-identifying information (such as your name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number and/or credit card information) only if you choose to provide us with that information. Like all other web servers, the CJE SeniorLife server automatically creates log files for everyone who visits our site. These access logs allow us to make our site more useful to our visitors. The access logs do NOT record visitors’ name, address, phone number, credit card numbers, or any other personally-identifying information. They do contain information such as:

  • The Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of the machine which accessed our website
  • The date of the visit
  • The time of the visit
  • The path taken through our website
  • The browser being used
  • A list of files downloaded or viewed
  • Any errors encountered

Use of Information

CJE SeniorLife uses such non-identifying aggregate information to analyze how visitors use so we can improve our design and your experience. We share this information with third parties in aggregate form only as appropriate. For example, we may tell a third party that a certain number of users accessed a particular part of our website. However, we will not disclose any information that could be used to identify those users. The use of personally-identifying information is limited to the following: responding to user e-mails; fulfillment of pledges and payments; event registrations; editorial purposes such as contacting users for an online survey; sending communications to users who have opted to receive such communications; and other purposes specified at the time the information is gathered.

CJE SeniorLife may disclose personal information if required to do so by law or if it believes that such action is necessary to (a) comply with the law or with legal process, (b) protect against misuse or unauthorized use of the website, or (c) protect the personal safety or property of website users, the public or and its employees.


CJE SeniorLife has in place what we believe to be appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

E-mail this Page

When a user clicks “E-mail this Page,” asks for the user’s and the recipient’s e-mail addresses. We use these e-mail addresses only to send a one-time e-mail inviting the recipient to visit

Corrections to Personal Data; Opting Out

Please contact us to (a) correct or update any personal information in the database that might be erroneous, (b) opt-out of future communications from CJE SeniorLife, or (c) request to make reasonable efforts to remove your personal information from the online databases. The user understands that it may be impossible to delete personal information entirely because of backups and records of deletions.

Links to other Sites

It is important to note that the website contains links to other sites that may not follow the same privacy policies as the website. These sites may use cookies, collect data and use the data in ways that would not. is not responsible for the privacy practices or any information or materials on these other sites. Please visit these sites if you wish to review their privacy policies.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy Terms

CJE SeniorLife reserves the right to change this policy. Any changes to this policy will be posted to this page as soon as reasonably possible, so please check this page periodically. Use of the website constitutes consent to any policy then in effect.

If you have any questions or comments concerning our privacy policy or legal notice, please contact us via e-mail or send a letter to:

CJE SeniorLife
Chicago, IL 60645

Legal Notice011. CJE SeniorLife All Rights Reserved.

The text, graphic depictions, artwork and code (the “Information”) published on this website are the property of CJE SeniorLife, unless designated otherwise. CJE SeniorLife assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the Information on this website. In no event shall CJE SeniorLife be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or the Information. CJE SeniorLife reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the Information on the website at any time without prior notice.

Except as provided in this paragraph, no license or right, express or implied, is granted to any person under any copyright, trademark, trade dress or other proprietary right. CJE SeniorLife grants a limited right to use the Information provided that the Information is not modified in any way and is used for informational and non-commercial personal use, and provided that CJE SeniorLife’s copyright notice appears on any copies.

Information on this website is to be used for educational and informational purposes only. Medical information on this website, if any, does not represent advice regarding medical diagnosis or treatment, referrals to health care professionals, endorsements of health care products or any other recommendations. Any medical information on this website should not be relied upon as a substitute for consultation with your doctor or other qualified health care professionals.

Information on this website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

Links from this website to non-CJE SeniorLife websites does not constitute an endorsement or referral of the non-CJE SeniorLife websites. CJE SeniorLife makes no representations or claims as to information or materials provided by such non-CJE SeniorLife websites, and specifically disclaims any warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or non-infringement.

Copyrights for linked materials belong to their respective publishers/owners and may require permission to use in whole or in part. Contact publishers directly for more information.

The revision date of this Privacy Notice is: June 14, 2011

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